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Inujirushi × RauB® Mineral Cleanse Shampoo

Inujirushi × RauB® Mineral Cleanse Shampoo

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Introducing Inujirushi × RauB® Mineral Cleanse Shampoo, a specialized solution crafted with care for pregnant or postpartum mothers experiencing hair loss issues. Elevate your hair care routine with a product designed to provide nourishment and comfort during this unique phase of life. As you embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood, let Inujirushi × RauB® Mineral Cleanse Shampoo be your trusted companion, addressing your specific hair care needs with precision and care. Nourish your hair, indulge in the richness of minerals, and enjoy the gentleness of amino acids for a truly exceptional hair care experience.

Key Features for Expectant and Postpartum Mothers:

  1. Gentle and Nourishing Formula:

    • Our Mineral Cleanse Shampoo is formulated with a gentle touch, considering the specific needs of pregnant or postpartum mothers. It provides a nourishing experience without compromising on effectiveness.
  2. Rich in Minerals:

    • Enriched with a blend of more than 70 minerals, our shampoo is designed to replenish and fortify your hair during a time when maintaining hair health is of utmost importance.
  3. Amino Acid-Based and Hypoallergenic:

    • The shampoo incorporates weakly acidic amino acid-based ingredients, offering a hypoallergenic solution that is gentle on both hair and scalp. This is especially crucial for mothers facing the sensitivity that often accompanies pregnancy or postpartum periods.
  4. Addressing Hair Loss Concerns:

    • Inujirushi × RauB® Mineral Cleanse Shampoo is tailored to address the common concern of hair loss faced by pregnant or postpartum mothers. Its unique formulation promotes scalp health and hair strength.
  5. Luxurious Salon-Quality Treatment:

    • Experience the luxury of salon-quality treatment in the comfort of your own home. This shampoo provides the care and attention your hair needs during a time of significant change.
  • Contents: 200ml
  • Ingredients: 
    Water, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, lauramidopropyl betaine, cocoyl glutamic acid TEA, cocamide DEA, decyl glucoside, pentylene glycol, fulvic acid, cladocsiphon Novae caledoniae polysaccharide, polyquaternium-10, sodium cocoyl methyl taurate, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, quillaia bark extract, soapberry extract, carrot root extract, soybean oil, PCA-Na, polyglyceryl-10 laurate, tocopherol, BG, citric acid, sodium citrate, EDTA-2Na, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate
  • Precautions for use: 
    Discontinue use if it does not suit your skin.
  • Production: Made in Japan

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Care Instructions

Hand Washing Your Belly Binder (Recommended)

You can preserve the life of your hand-washables by following a few simple steps.

• Fill your sink with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent (baby soap)
• Soak for at least 5 minutes
• Gently rub the fabric together to remove dirt
• Rinse in cool water (until the water runs clear)
• Gentle press to remove extra water
• Lay flat to dry indoors (please hang the shade to avoid direct sunlight)
• Do not iron
• Do not dry clean

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